How to Simply Cultivate Schlumbergera at Home - Plant Maintenance

How to Simply Cultivate Schlumbergera at Home - Plant Maintenance -- Cactus of the schlumbergera species are indigenous to the highlands of southeast Brazil. Many species of this plant were spread around the world. This schlumbergera develops in moist, shaded conditions unlike other cacti, Epiphytes, which are typically discovered next to large, rocky trees. By being aware of the proper maintenance in advance, you can have this plant:

How to quickly grow schlumbergera at home 


Since this plant can be found in practically all plant nurseries, and it blooms from early spring through October. When other plants remain dormant, this plant rhives and blooms. You must place this plant in a space with only indirect or partial light if you want to cultivate it at home. Irrigating just when the top soil has dried. After blossoming, moisture is very beneficial and provides nutrition till autumn. Don't forget to prune and plant roots.

Where to put cacti


This cactus may grow in humid conditions and diffused light in a home setting. It can be grown around and ideal eastern window sill. During the summer, relocate the Christmas cactus outside. Make sure the location is shaded and avoid placing it in direct sunshine.

Right watering


Like other varieties of succulents generally, this Christmas cactus enjoy damp soil. When the soil is dry, you can water the plant by 1 or 2 inches. Fill the pot with pebbles and put water in the bottom to provide moisture. 

Effective Fertilization


When they bloom during the winter holidays, Christmas cacti are truly very lovely. There is no requirement to feed frequently. Once the flower have done blooming till autumn, fertilize as advised. Give nutrient-dense, savory food that is balanced and in the right proportion.

How to make a Christmas cactus bloom


You can make him bloom by giving him a shorter day for 6 weeks. In the fall, move the plants around the window with a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and out of direct sunlight. Close the pins and turn off the room's light; do not give nutrition and reduce watering. After 6 weeks, raise the temperature to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and provide some light to the plants. When the holiday season arrives, if you have seen flower buds, you can move to the main place. 

How to deal with the Christmas cactus issue


This plant is, in fact, quite easy to grow, but growing it too close will cause problems.

- Because of significant changes in light and hot or cold air strikes, flowers bloom fall before they are cut. Furthermore, the level of humidity has an impact on this.
- Black and slimy plant areas caused by the presence of fungi and bacteria. Take action by cultivation infected plants.
- The plant's foundation, Because it's normal, it withers. Because you've had it a long time.
- Such pads' leaves turn red because they are exposed to too much light and must be relocated to a shady location.

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