Wonderful Ideas to Get a Succulent Beauty

Homifine.com -- A succulent may look small on its own, but when combined with other succulents, it will showcase the beauty of succulents like never before. Succulents can be a focal point in your garden, planted in a DIY planter that will catches everyone's attention.

These amazing succulents beauties will brighten up your garden and home. Here are some wonderful ideas to get a succulent beauty.

Don't throw away your broken pot!


Your broken pot, can still be useful and visually appealing. You can plant and arrange succulents in broken pots. Succulents are plants that grow well in a variety of pot conditions, including broken pots. Grow succulent to cover the broken part, it creates a lovely succulent spilled-pot.

Play with color combination


Succulents come in a variety of shapes and colors. Choose from a variety of succulents colors to create a simple but stunning planter. To add lovely splash of color, pick echevaria in different colors and throw in other succulents in pink and purple.

Lively wheel barrow


Even wheel barrows make a wonderful planter for succulent arrangements like this one. The wheel barrow is painted yellow, which contrasts with the succulents colors of green, pastel blue, pink, and purplish hue. Placing in the garden will make it the star there. 

Succulent art in the Mexican garden


Take succulents to the next level of arrangement. This Mexican garden has a succulent art on it. The succulents are incredibly organized so that it grow in a medium that's shaped like a women sculpture in the ground. The succulents do a great job as clothes and dishes that the garden statues carry.

Grow in simple but maximized ways


Have a crasulla pagoda succulent at home? You don't have to grow it in complicated way. Grow it in a simple but maximized by. Crasulla pagoda can grow tall to become plants that give a unique and memorable statement for a home and garden.

Pink chairs with succulent bowl


One more easy way to achieve stunning, succulent beauty. You can use a succulent bowl filled with different types of rosette succulents in various colors. Put in on a chair, but not any chair. Rather, a pink chair makes a beautiful contrast there.

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