6 Ways to Create a 'Garden Star' in a Narrow Space

Homifine.com -- A small space should not limit your creativity. Even with a small space, you can create a beautiful garden. You may require one ore more starred ideas for your small garden. A star or highlight will make your small garden stand out more than just an empty yard. Find out in 6 ways to create a 'garden star' in a narrow space.

Garden star in the corner

The main attraction of a garden may be placed in the center, such as a garden fountain. If you don't have enough space, create garden highlights that are as beautiful as these. A small corner is dedicated into a pretty area full of plants, such as coleus, succulent, bush tree, and more. To add to the uniqueness of this corner star, tree trunk was left in place.

Dress up under a tree

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A small tree like this might look awkward as the center garden, so dress it up. You can create a pretty circle under the tree. Fill with white stone and non-parasitic flowers under the tree. A beautiful combination to make a small tree in the garden more awesome.

Make use of cut tree trunk

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For some reason, you may want to cut a tree in the garden like this. Don't remove the whole tree. The cut trunk can be a the center display for sun-loving plants like petunias and bromeliads. The colorful, sun-loving plants will create a beautiful, jewel-like display in the garden.

Watering Can Fairy Light


The spilled-flower idea is endless style for a garden. It gives a small garden a more lively and lovely vibe. You can also create one with wine barrel-style spilled flower like this. Make it the star of the garden by adding a watering can with a fairy light effect that makes the garden more stunning at night.

Use old tires as a well-shaped planter

@Marcia Gomes

Don't throw away your old tires. It can be a great DIY project idea. You can use it as a planter for lovely flowers. Layer the surface of the tire in terracotta and white colors to create a red brick impression. If the flower prefers bright, filtered sunlight, you can cover it with a roof. It will resemble a pretty 'well' with flowers blooming on it.

Succulent display in copper container


You can create a star garden in such a small space. Succulents in copper containers look classic and sophisticated as the garden center. This is a fantastic idea for those of you who enjoy caring for various succulents. The rosette succulent can be used as a focal point, supported by string succulents and low plants that give the look of being full but in an artistic way.

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