How To Grow and Care Tradescantia at Home Easily - Growing tradescantia is indeed much in the interest of many people. This plant has a characteristic on the stem dangling or upright and colorful leaves. Usually tradescantia has a purple color and also other colors such as silver, green, beige and pink. Tradescantia plants that have a dark purple color can present a charming and beautiful impression. In addition to its beautiful leaves tradescantia also produces small flowers that adorn its leaves. So how to care for it and grow it ? You can read How To Grow and Care Tradescantia at Home Easily 

Tradescantia Care Tips 

- Light 

Tradescantia is a fairly easy plant to care for. Tradescantia can be tolerant to sunlight. This plant, which is exposed to the sun to the maximum, can produce many flowers. But if in a shady place this plant has slightly faded leaves and causes long-legged growth. You can also put this tradescantia plant indoors such as near a window so that it will get sunlight even if not directly.

- Soil and Water 

The soil used for planting tradescantia you can choose with humidity between ph 5 or 6 because it likes to grow in moist soil. Due to its fleshy stems tradescantia can survive drought. If it withers, it will quickly grow after getting maximum watering. So you can do regular watering to keep the soil moist.

- Temperature and Humidity 

Tradescantia likes to grow at indoor temperatures between 60 - 80 F. This plant likes dry temperatures so you can put it outdoors so that its growth can be maximized. This plant also has beautiful flowers so it is suitable if used for ornamental plants in your home.

- Fertilizer

This plant does not need you to add fertilizer but this plant will grow stronger if given fertilizer. You can add fertilizer in spring or summer. You can use liquid fertilizer with a month's feeding twice. For maximum growth you must maintain the soil Ph of this plant.

- How to Propagate Tradescantia

Tradescantia plants you can propagate by division or by cuttings. Old plants with good growth are suitable for use as new plants from cuttings. You can cut the stems, remove the leaves on the bottom and attach to the cut in water or moist soil. When starting cuttings in water roots will appear then transfer them to evenly moist soil.

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