Houseplant Care - How to Plant Philodendron Pink Princess

Houseplant Care - How to Plant Philodendron Pink Princess -- Pink philodendron is a lovely pink ornamental plant. This plant is a philodendron erubescens cultivar. This pink princess philodendron is a low-maintenance aroid or arum. The variety resembles the pink congo philodendron but is not chemically induced and thus remains natural. Take the following pink philodendron care steps:

Philodendron Pink Princess


This Colombia plant is a tropical aroid of the araceae family. This plant is expensive, but it's beautiful color become good luck for the owner, and it is easy to care for. In comparison to other leafy plants, the philodendron pink princess produces a minor spathe and rarely flowers when grown indoors.



To make philodendron plants grow lush and well indoors, provide the proper lamp light. When grown indoors, the philodendron pink princess can tolerate light for several hours and requires more variegation. A window sill is an ideal location for more lush and gradual growth.


This philodendron pink princess prefers light, well-drained soils rich in organic fertilizers. Use a standard potting mix with the ideal perlite and fruit peel mixture.



Maintain a stable water balance in the pink princess philodendron plant. Avoid overwatering; do not flood the planter as this can cause the roots to rot.

Temperature and humidity

This philodendron pink princess prefers warm, humid conditions. Increase the humidity in the room, ideally at a temperature of 18 - 26 degrees Celsius. 



This philodendron pink princess requires consistent nutrient during the growing season. Make use of a well-balanced liquid fertilizer. From the beginning of autumn until the plants go dormant, stop fertilizing them.

Philodendron pink princess common issues


Brown-colored edges are one of the problems that can occur in philodendron pink princess plants. This could be due to a lack of moisture, causing the leaves to turn yellow and dry. Increase plant humidity to  avoid excessive browning of leaves.

In addition, look for some pink spots on the philodendron leaves. It is also possible that this occurs as a result of excessive lighting, receiving afternoon sun, and the occurrence of a lack of humidity.

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