7 Best Indoor Plants for Dry Climates

Homifine.com -- Do the plants you look after at home wilt easily? You might surprised to learn that some plants, especially tropical plants, cannot survive in dry climates. Plants that require a high humidity will suffer in dry conditions.

Perhaps you live in a dry climate and require plants suited to it. That's why, we've put together a list of the 7 best indoor plants for dry climates. These plants are just as fascinating as other humidity plants.

1. Hoya carnosa / Wax plant


The wax plant has thick, waxy leaves that can store water. That's why it can easily withstand drought and dry air. Hoya likes dry conditions during watering, let the soil dry out between watering. Well-draining soil and bright indirect light will make it produce beautiful cluster flowers that are so fragrant, especially during spring.

2. Silver squill (Scilla Violacea)

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Silver squill will give you a peace of mind as it grow s wells in dry climates. It's aa succulent bulb that has silver-green leaves with dark green speckles in front and violet shade under the leaves.

Silver squill will produce small lilac flowers that look a bit like hyacinth. The flower blooms in winter. Just keep the plant away from cold drafts or air conditioning to keep it happy.

3. Bunny ear cactus (Opuntia microdasys)


This cactus will make you smile for its shaped that resembles bunny ears. The bunny cactus has thick green pads that survive well in dry climates without regular watering. Its green pads can produce bright yellow flowers. This plant require the same care as cacti, with direct full sun being preferable, but you can place place it in the sunniest spot at home.

4. Spineless Yucca


Spineless yucca is native to dry areas such as the Americas and the Caribbean. It is a plant that survive well in dry climates. The spineless yucca cannot survive at 30% humidity above normal, so do not place it in bathroom or humid areas. Its upright green leaves will give a strong yet fresh statement in your home.

5. Aloe vera


Aloe has fleshy leaves that contain good medical properties. The aloe plant survives well in dry conditions. It is a succulent that loves being in the sun. Do not allow overwatering, as it will make the leaves flabby and droopy. Make sure the soil dries out first before giving the next watering.

6. Burro's tail


Get a string plant that gives beauty statement to your vertical space. Choose burro's tail succulent. This string succulent is drought and heat tolerant. Its thick leaves look like they are cascading down, giving it a stunning visual as hanging plants.

7. Ox tongue (Gasteria spp)


Nicknamed as ox tongue for is tongue-shaped leaves covered in white speckles that produce a sandpaper-like texture. It is a drought-tolerant plant that is not easy to kill. You can place it in bright place. Water the plant and don't water again until the soil dries out completely.

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