How to Make Peace Lily Bloom Easily

How to Make Peace Lily Bloom Easily -- Peace lilies are not technically a flower. This green-colored tropical plant belongs to the arum family and is native to Central America and the tropical South. The plant is exposed to striped sunlight with constant humidity. This peace lily plant has lovely white flowers that will bloom when the time comes. Learn how to care for it and get it to bloom quickly.

Understand the appearance of the peace lily flower


Peace lilies, as they are known, are small flowers with large white protective leaves that are blamed as flowers. The plant does not bloom lavishly and resembles a stalk with pollen at the end.

This white flag-like bracts is what distinguishes houseplants. With a warm climate, this plant will bloom in the spring and summer, but it can flower all year.

Influences that prevent peace lilies from blooming

The sun is the most important factor that most gardeners overlook. To produce perfect bracts, peace lilies plants require a warm temperature of 15 - 30 C. It will not turn the leaves yellow at high temperatures, but it will inhibit their growth at low temperatures. Overwatering is one of the mistakes, despite the fact that this plant prefers valley soil with good drainage.

How to bloom peace lilies

1. Maintain root bound


Keep the plant slightly tied to the roots, which may encourage flowering and direct the plant's energy to leaf growth as a white shield rather than spreading the roots.

2. Add gibberalic acid


Giberalic acid is a natural growth hormone derived from mushroom extraction. It can promote flowering in peace lilies and produce high-quality roots in tropical plants. The best sam foliar spray sizes are 125, 250, and 375 ppm.

3. Select recommended varieties


We recommended several peace lily varieties from which to choose, petite, sensation, domin, and mojo lime. Choose mature plants.

4. The appropriate amount of light

To get these lilies to bloom. Place it on the east-facing windows, which are ideal for filling the space with light and shadow and also adhere to feng shui principles. To keep plants growing optimally, provide indirect light.

5. Maintain moisture

High humidity is required for these peace lilies to produce full leaves and flowers. Set a regular schedule for moistening the plant with warm water. Place in a plate filled with gravel and half water if necessary.


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