7 Best Plant To Repellent Mosquito

 Homifine.com - In addition to being annoying, mosquitoes can also threaten health. Although there is an insect repellent, which has chemicals in it, not everyone likes to use it. So, naturally, it's certainly a solution to the problem. Get these 7 Best Plant To Repellent Mosquitoes for more information. Check it out!



Rosemary is a perennial herb and is perfect to repel mosquitoes. This plant has a woody scent that exactly keeps the mosquito as well as cabbage moths and carrot flies away. Grow them in containers and they will do best in hot and dry climates.



Easy to grow, a Marigold is an annual flower that can use to repel the mosquito. This plant has beautiful flowers that can bloom in late spring until frost.



The most popular plant to repel mosquitoes is Lavender. Having a beautiful purple flower, this perennial plant emits a fragrance that is hated by mosquitoes. Grow this plant in the area in full sun and with good drainage.



Besides being able to refresh the mouth and make dishes or drinks taste good, Mint can be used to repel mosquitoes. Grow this plant in pots and put them in an area that is often visited by mosquitoes or other insects. 

Citronella grass


Can call with Lemon Grass, this plant is also perfect to repel mosquitoes. Usually grown as annuals, Citronella produces lemon-scented to keep the mosquitoes at bay. They are also low-maintenance plants and can be planted directly in a sunny area in the ground.

Bee balm


Bee balm or Horsemint is a plant that releases fragrant oils and is perfect to extrude mosquitoes. With colorful flowers, bee balm includes a perennial plant that can bloom in mid to late summer.



Catmint or Catnip is a plant that is found anywhere and is easy to care for. According to BBG, they recommend Catmint that perfect to repel mosquitoes away. The flower of this plant usually blooms in early summer to fall.

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