7 Exotic Houseplants that Take Your Breath Away

Homifine.com -- Plants are wonderful living things. You'll never stop discovering about the wonders of them, whether it's how they look, adapt, or grow. It's not just forest and protected plants that look exotic; some houseplants are also cultivated for their uniqueness. We've gathered  list of seven exotic plants that you've probably never seen before. Here are 7 exotic houseplants that take your breath away.

1. Oxalis palmifrons


Oxalis palmifrons may not look like its other Oxalis relatives. This oxalis grow spreading slowly in ground-hugging rosette. As the name implies, the leaves of oxalis palmfront look like miniature palms. That's why, some call it palm-leaf false shamrock or palm-leaf oxalis. The green leaves are so stunning with an impressive purplish splash.

Guide Care:

  • Type: the plant can be grown indoor and outdoor
  • Light: bright, indirect light
  • Bloom: in winter but in a sunny spot
  • Watering: need to water it when the top soil is dried out

2. Concoridiana Albuca


Have you ever seen this plant? This is Albuca concordiana, a small perennial plant. It is said to be one of the super-rare houseplants that require very little water to grow. This plant grows up to 20 cm only. The leaves are so unique, with beautiful parallel arches, that you can hardly find them on other plants.

Guide care:

  • Soil: stone eater soil
  • Light: the plants love full sun or southern facing windows
  • Water: regular watering in winter, between October to April
  • Dormance: the leaves will lose in dormant season 

3. Myrtillocactus geometrizans cristata


This succulent got the nickname ''Dinosaur Back Plant'' for its bizarre shape. It's got the shape of a blue-green crested candelabra succulents with branches that are so thick and waxy. This succulent grows large with trunk that rise up and create tough, unique waves as it grows.

Guide care:

  • Non-toxic plant
  • Light: full sun
  • Water: Regular watering for succulent, hate water in winter
  • Not hardy tolerant
  • Being dormant in winter

4. Echeveria-nodulosa


Echeveria-nodulosa has the nickname as painted echeveria. A flowering plant from the Crassulaceae family. The leaves are so pretty with purplish lines surrounding the leaves. Painted echeveria is a disease-free plant, surviving well in the harshest conditions with little water.

Guide care:

  • Full sun and partial shade
  • Less water than other plants, once every few weeks
  • Dry soil, mix of sand and potting soil

5. Adenia Metamorpha


This is a low geophytic plant native to Madagascar. It has foliage in a unique flared shape with a silvery green part in the center. Grow care:

  • Light: sunny and bright place
  • Beware: Keep the caudex away from full sun
  • Soil: well-drained soil, mix of pumice and habitual potting soil

6. Pictum Tricolor Aglaonema


Aglonema is a common houseplant. However, have you seen the tricolor aglaonema? This aglaonema is so unique with wide leaves in three colors, such as green, intense gree to black, and silvery spots. A plant that will give you an exotic tropical vibe to your home.

Guide care:

  • Soil: acidic, moist but well-draining potting soil
  • Do best with a few hours of bright, indirect light
  • Avoid direct sulight.
  • Water when the top soil is dry.

7. Begonia Festive Sterling


Begonia 'festive Sterling' will wow you with leaves in dark green border with a silvery white center in a medium size. A plant that will give an exotic beauty vibe to your home. Guide care:

  • Humus-rich, aerated soil
  • Moderate watering
  • Slow-release fertilizer in spring
  • Not cold tolerant
  • Love high humidity

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