Six Plants Growing from Leaves - No Muss!

Six Plants Growing from Leaves - No Muss! -- Plant propagation for a gardener is simple if you have prior experience. Different for beginners who want to learn how to easily spread and thrive with the plant. Keep in mind that many plants can be grown solely from their leaves. However, it is also necessary to understand the proper treatment. Learn which plants can grow from their leaves and are appropriate for small spaces in the house.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a popular outdoor ornamental plant that tolerates direct sunlight. Watering too frequently can cause it to rot and die. Plant a 4-inch piece of leaf in a sanded potting soil mixture in a warm, sunny location.

Jade plant


The jade plant is a plant that are requires almost no care. Beautiful clusters of pink and white star-shaped flowers adorn this small tree-like plant. The jade plant, crassula ovata, requires propagation with leaves that can be placed directly on the ground horizontally. Wait for some time for new roots to grow before watering. 

Snake plant


The snake plant is a houseplant that has it all and can thrive in any environment. This easy-to produce plant has attractive spear-shaped leaves with green, spotting, and yellow. Many of the leaves can be propagated easily. Cut the plant's leaves with knife, then place it in the coconut fiber mixture on the planter or in a jar of water.



This favorite plant serves as a common room plant as well as a shade plant outside. The variety is quite voluminous, with an intriguing texture and leaf color. This plant can be propagated through large leaves with many veins that are not diseased. Concentrate on the leaves near the base and propagate seedlings in a tray with a seedling soil mixture. Maintain humidity and keep it in a light-filled area.



Cacti are the best choice for easy-to-grow plants from the leaves. The plant is not overly complicated and requires little maintenance. Plants that are firmly rooted and have been dried for two days can be propagated by cutting off the leaves. Plant in small pots that are well-drained.

Pilea Peperomioides


The leaves of this pilea peperomioides are rounded and attractive, similar to lotus leaves. This plant has small spring flowers and develops properly if the lighting is adequate. Easily propagate form branches or leaves. This plant is very easy to propagate, adn small plant children appear next to the mother plant, which can then be moved to a different planter.

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