7 Best Types Of Indoor Hanging Plant For Beginner


Homifine.com - If you want to improve the look of a beautiful and stunning home then there is no harm if you apply plants in the House. But usually this is limited by less spacious premises. For that you can apply the plant by hanging. Hanging plants are indeed being much liked by some people. This can certainly make it easier to care for and does not take up much space. 

Then of course for those of you who are just starting to apply hanging plants will be confused in determining what types of hanging plants are suitable for placing in the House. We will discuss the types of hanging plants that are easiest to care for. You can read 7 Best Types Of Indoor Hanging Plant For Beginner

1. Boston Fern/ Nephrolepis Exaltata


Boston ferns are plants that can be hung indoors. Boston fern is an easy-care, moisture-loving plant so you should make sure to keep the soil moist. But this plant can also still grow with drought. A distinctive feature of the boston fern is that it has a serrated leaf shape of bright green color and has dense leaves.

2. Heartlef Philadendron/ Philadendron Hederaceum


As the name Heartleaf Philodendron this plant is characterized by The Shape of the leaves, which are heart-shaped, have a glossy green color. This plant includes plants that are easy to care for. You can do watering about twice a day. This plant can grow in a dry environment or at room temperature. If you can also give the leaves with a tissue to keep it looking beautiful.

4. Spider Plant/ Chlorophytum Comosum

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Spider plants are the easiest plants to care for so it is suitable for beginners who are just learning about plants. Spider plants have characteristics in their thin leaves are beautiful and curved so it looks beautiful if hung for decorating a room. You can put this plant around the kitchen or living room.

5. Mistletoe Cactus/ Rhipsalis Baccifera


This plant has a unique characteristic in its leaves that are like bright green sticks. It can grow up to 20 feet tall, so it looks great in the shade. This plant can also produce flowers and also fruit with a small berry-like shape. Mistletoe Cactus is a plant that is easy to care for so it is suitable if placed indoors.

6. String OF pearls/ Senecio Rowleyanus


This beautiful plant has pea-like leaves with a creeping stem shape. The plant has easy care with little watering. This plant looks beautiful if it is hung in a hanging pot with plants that creep down so that it can present the impression of spilling. The stems of this plant can grow up to 2 to 3 feet so it is very suitable if in hanging.

7. String Of Hearts/ Ceropegia Woodii


The String of Hearts plant has an interesting leaf shape with a unique shape. This plant looks perfect for hanging in a pot or in a basket because it has leaves that dangle down with charming heart-shaped leaves. This plant can grow beautiful if placed at home by getting maximum care.

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