7 Green Space Ideas for a Revitalized Body and Soul

7 Green Space Ideas for a Revitalized Body and Soul

Homifine.com -- Create a green space at home for limited space that can bring freshness to the body and soul. Using ornamental plants can create the impression of a your, healthy body. The air in the House will be clean. Ornamental plants can be used to creatively  accent the decor in any room.

Monstera in from of the door

The first step is to look for green house creativity that you can improve with monstera. Terracotta planter with climbing plants such as philodendron and pothos. This simple urban jungle idea will make the room more appealing.

Corner room with plant shelves

Many things can be used to make limited space. Houseplants, especially those near the window, are neatly arranged on the plant shelf. With a small additional stationary accent, this look will resemble an urban jungle room.

Make vertical gardens

In addition to the planter, you can transform your green space by utilizing the wall. For limited land, this method is very simple. So you can be creative for a unique and decorative vertical garden concept. Use wood paneling for a sleek and timeless look.

Hang and arrange in the room

Choose any room in the house to enhance the refreshing green look. Adopt an ethnic style with a modern twist on the sofa and the room's ceiling. Make the most of the lighting. Hang plants from the ceiling to create a more refreshing environment for your family to relax in.

Elephant ears in the corner

By adding one or more houseplants, you can refresh the look of the space. Select one large plant, such as elephant ear, monstera, or palm. It will feel tropical with a shady impression all day and beautiful in the corner.

Make a green space with shade

You can also use the urban jungle concept to create a green, fresh space in this central area. Starting with hanging plants, standing with a planter or lying on a table, this will promote optimal shade. This is preferable to using an environmentally harmful room cooler.

Green bathroom space

Bring greenery into the bathroom to improve the atmosphere freshen up an unwind more. Experiment with only ornamental plants and no decorations. Can be with a mirror and lighting to give broad impression on the bathroom. Place aromatherapy candles to promote optimal freshness.

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