6 Easy Ways to Grow Annabelle Hydrangea Suitable For Beginners


Homifine.com - Annabelle tree Hydrangea can often be seen in parks and gardens. It is very effective both in single and group plantings, great for creating hedges. I have this variety and I can assure you that it is great for novice gardeners. For planting Annabelle, I chose an open place, but with a slight penumbra, a site protected from the wind on the southeast side, so that the too bright midday sun would not burn the plant. For more details you can read 6 Easy Ways to Grow Annabelle Hydrangea Suitable For Beginners below !!

1. Choose The Type of Annabelle Hydrangea Flower.

To determine which type of annabelle hydrangea you will plant, you need to find which type best fits your growing zone. There are many types of annabelle hydrangea that you can choose from. If this is your first time planting this beautiful flowering plant, you can choose a common type that is known to be strong and produce flowers that last a long time.

2. Plan to Plant in Spring or Fall

Planting in milder weather will give annabelle hydrangeas time to acclimatize to soil conditions and grow roots before the weather turns more extreme. You can look for annabelle hydrangea plants in the nursery in early spring or early autumn. So that growth will be maximized.

3. Find a Good Planting Site

Annabelle Hydrangea is a plant that is easy to grow in the ground or in large pots. Whichever method you choose, you need a place that gets full sun in the morning and partial shade in the afternoon. Annabelle hydrangeas can also grow in a rather shady spot all day, so choose this type when you have a shady yard.

4. Multiply The Soil with Compost

Annabelle Hydrangea needs a rich soil with good drainage, which is kept moist. If you use dry or nutrient-poor soil, then you can prepare hydrangeas by providing compost. When the soil tends to retain water, you can make holes in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage.

5. Dig a Wide Hole in The Ground

The hole you dig should be as deep as the root ball on the annabelle hydrangae plant, at least twice as wide as the roots. You can use a shovel to dig a large hole that can accommodate the roots of the plant. If you plant more than one plant then you should give a distance of approximately 1.5 - 2.2 m from each other because the plants can grow very large.

6. Plant Annabelle Hydrangae

It is important to make sure the roots of this plant are watered when planting, so you can start by preparing the root ball in a hole that has been dug. Then fill the hole with a few cm of water and let it drain everything. Then fill the hole with soil and water again. Then fill these roots with soil until they feel covered.

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