The Glamorous Plants to Know About in 2023 -- The more you explore, the more you'll be stunned by the plants. Some plants are truly one-of-a-kind. You might need to know about these glamorous plants. These plants have a stunning look, making anyone who owns them or at least has seen them feel lucky. Let's look at six glamorous plants that you might want to add to your home plant collection.

Aeonium 'Schwarzkopf' variegata


Aeonium 'Schwartzkopf' variegata is described to be the most outstanding variegated of the Aeoniums. This is due to their large rosette shape and eye-catching burgundy color. This Aeoniums can add a dramatic flair into the garden with its shaped. The yellow cone flowers will bloom in early spring. A hardy succulent that also withstand even in poor soil.

Tillandsia Ionantha Fuego


There are many types of air plants, or tillandsias, but you can't miss to know about Tillandsia Ionantha Fuego. This air plant has spiky leaves, half of leaves are a deep red color that contrasts with the green part with white nodules. This low maintenance plant doesn't need soil. Simply mist it 3-7 times per week and provide sunlight and good airflow.

Venus Flytrap


One of the popular carnivourous plant is the venus flytrap. In its habitat, poor soil makes this plant attract flies, crush it, and uses enzymes to digest its soft tissues. There's the green venus flytrap, but there's also the dark burgundy venus flytrap that looks so hideous and glamorous.

The tufted horned rampion


Physoplexis comosa, or the tuftes horned rampion, is a flowering plant native to alpine Europe. Some call it Devils's Claw for the bottle shaped lilac flowers with tapered dark purple petal tips. This plant has a mounded growth habit with dark green serrated leaves in rocky soil.



Primula auricula, or bear's ear plant, is another Alpine flowering plant. It's breathtaking, with showy, jewel-like blooms with its silvery green foliage. You can grow this plant as long as you provide alpine growing conditions, such as free-draining soil, an airy and cool spot, and avoid the midday sun.

Haworthia viscosa variegata


Haworthia is most likely the common type of house succulent. However, haworthia viscosa variegata may not be one of them. This unique haworthia has thick, pointed leaves with a variegated color of yellow with green stripes. Haworthias have a habit growing with stacked leaves, which make for an artistic succulent dispalty.

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