Seven Must-Have Black Houseplant that Don't Die

Seven Must-Have Black Houseplant that Don't Die -- Green is thought to bring a fresh and tropical atmosphere into a room. But do you want to try something dramatic and intriguing in your living room? Simple add black plants to your room, garden, or landscaping. A touch of elegant black color full of mystery will give you something valuable and make you look beautiful. Here are Seven Must-Have  Black Houseplants that Don't Die.


Orchid Black Jewel


The black jewel orchid is a one-of-a-kind plant from Central America. Part of the genus ludisia, which contains about 20 different flower plants. This orchid has creamy white flowers and dark almost blackish leaves with a white pinstripe.

Rare black orchid


The orchid is one of the most beautiful  and interesting black flowering plants to learn about. Catasetum species is a genus of about 70 - 80 tropical American flowering plants. Catasetum monnierara has large, black, waxy flowers that reach height of 8 inches. It has a pleasantly chocolate-like aroma and appearance. 

Raven ZZ plant


The ZZ plant is a beautiful and distinct African variety. Zamioculcas is also known as the ZZ raven plant or zeezee. It has white flowers with a green center. For potted plants, the leaves and stems are a beautiful black. This ZZ raven is so easy to care for that it doubles as a gothic plant for beginners.

Black Calla Lily


This is a calla lily from South Africa. Its stunning color is also known as arum lily or pig lily. A black bloom with point white that is frequently used as a bouquet or decorative flower arrangement. This plant grows well in full sun and tolerates partial light, and it prefers to be watered in between dry periods.

Black Pansies


This popular black flower with a cheerful appearance belongs to the genus viola, specifically pansies from Europe and Asia. These pansies have small black flowers with a yellow center. Prefer full sun and tolerates partial shade. Provide regular watering as well as late fall and spring fertilization until flowering.

Sweet Potato Wine


This creeping black houseplant is native to parts of Tropical America. Blackie is another name for the genus Ipomoea. Black sweet potato vine with black small flowers and a green center. The leaves range in color from dark green to dark purple black. Often a lawn cover plant or planter that is easy to care for and good for beginners.

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