7 Hanging Basket Plants that Can be Grown from Cuttings

7 Hanging Basket Plants that Can be Grown from Cuttings

Homifine.com -- Plants grown from cuttings can be a good starting point for new gardeners. The best way to propagate from cuttings is simple, and the plant types available are diverse. You can tell if the plants is good and will be popular. Take a look at the 7 Hanging Basket Plants that Can Be Grown From Cuttings listed below:

Susan black eyed vine


Susan plants with beautiful flower colors and growing vines are ideal for use as a balcony plant or window box. To multiply them, cut them about 6 0 8 inches long. Remove all lower leaves and repot the plant in potting soil, This plant is not only beautiful in hanging baskets, but it can also be used to accents the tralis of the house.

Calico Kitten


This colorful succulent can be easily grown from stem cuttings. This plant can be grown in a well-drained soil mixture. Trim it on a regular basis to keep the blinds looking beautiful and stunning.

Chinese money plant


A lucky plant with green leaves that look like coins and many babies at the bottom. The plant grows easily even without propagation. To breed, take a new plant and place it in a new pot.

Ruby Necklace


A trailing vine with bean-like leaves and a purple green hue that attracts the garden or the interior of the room is very attractive. Can be propagated by stem cuttings and become a friend to other plants in the garden.

English ivy


The plant known as English ivy is a vine with beautiful green, yellow, and slightly silver leaves. This is a plant that can be easily propagated, when you want to multiply it, dip it into rooting hormone to make it easier to grow new roots.

Senecio Radicans


Use stem cuttings to propagate your trailing plants. This trailing banana plant looks lovely in hanging baskets and is simple to grow. Its care is a simple as its cultivation. It prefers partial light, moist soil, and well-kept soil.



Plants with heart-shaped green leaves that grown on this vine will look amazing as hanging plants at home. You can propagate around the mother plant or new planter with a 4 to 6 inch cut. Growing by cuttings is also simple, but the water method is the most convenient.

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