Small but Stylish Small Apartment Interior Ideas -- The high price of houses has made many people prefer to live in apartments, which are of course smaller than houses. However, even small apartments can look attractive with the right design and decor. For more small apartment interior design ideas that you can replicate, check out Small but Stylish Small Apartment Interior Ideas.

Interior design

Unlike most houses that have a living room at the front, this apartment has a common spatial arrangement by placing the kitchen in the front corner near the entrance. This is followed by a small dining table that separates the kitchen and living room. The use of furniture in this dining room also looks stylish and modern. Applying colors that match your style will give you pleasure, so you can consider it well when you want to buy furniture.

Small kitchen idea

As for the kitchen details, the combination of dusty pink and gray gives the room a more varied feel. For the kitchen set details, the use of a minimalist style can give the impression of a wider and cleaner room.

Living room idea

It can be annoying when a small apartment has dividers in each room, so an open plan concept would be perfect to give a spacious and not stuffy impression like this idea. The living room area is characterized by a comfortable sofa with a medium size. To separate each area, this living room has a floor carpet that is not applied to the entire room in the apartment.



Minimalist look

This is a living room area that also features a television. The use of this storage cabinet adds a neater look to the room. You can arrange some items more organized and easy to find. The large window design can give a spacious and bright look to this small apartment.

Bedroom idea

The interior design for this bedroom looks like an artsy and stylish hotel at first glance. The use of color and the details of the decoration are able to give a more modern and comfortable impression to the owner. Moreover, the presence of air purifying plants will be a fitting addition to the apartment to have better quality air.

Stylish bathroom idea

As for the bathroom, this apartment has a modern interior design with the use of abstract natural stone details on the floor. Apart from being a bathroom, it is also used as a laundry area.





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