Innovative Hanging Plant Ideas for Small Spaces -- Bringing plants into the house is a great thing. Plants will help purify the air in the house. They will also beautify your space with its beautiful leaves and flowers. Besides potted plants on plant stands, enliven your indoor space with hanging plants. Try these innovative hanging plant ideas for small spaces to get you started.

Beautiful plant hanger that won't fall over

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One of the challenges with hanging plants is worrying about them falling over. That can be avoided by using a beautiful, fall-roof plant hanger like this one. It features a special wooden base with a hole center that supports the potted plant firmly. Using sturdy ropes and a hook that hang from the ceiling, this plant hanger will make any small corner more lively and fresh.

Strong macrame ropes as a planter

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Rope or macrame crafts have been widely used as planters. It can be used for decorative potted plants or as the main hanging planter. If you have limited space, hang a vine or string succulents on a macrame hanging planter like this one. It makes the vertical space look beautiful, but it does not give such a heavy look.

Attractive crochet plant hanger

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You can be creative with your choice of plant hanger. It's a great DIY crochet craft to hang your little potted plants on an arrangement of wooden twigs like this one. This crochet plant hanger makes an adorable hanging plant display in your room.

Crochet and macrame hanging planters


Use crochet and macrame together as your hanging planter. Just make sure that the two planters are firmly hooked to the ceiling in the room. The macrame rope that frames and hang the pothos plant gives the corner such an elegant look, while the crochet in the shape of koala hangs the small plant on a twig in a playful way.

Hang inline on strong wire


Small but brightly lit bathrooms like this one favor plants. You are certainly free to make it one of your plant base camps at home. Liven up the space by hanging bushy plants in rows on strong wires. The plants will grow dangling leaves that give the bathroom an indoor jungle vibe.

Three stacking hanging plants

@Living in a shoebox

To make small space look beautiful, you must use your imagination and creativity. Hanging plants in a macrame hanging planter like this is a great example. This hanging planter isn't simple, but it can hold three plants at once in an elegant way that doesn't make the room look cluttered. The white pots and rope make the green leaves stand out even more.

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