Fresh Ideas for Adding Urban Jungle as Home Decor

Fresh Ideas for Adding Urban Jungle as Home Decor -- One approach to designing the interior of a house is to use the concept of urban forest, particularly plants that can make the house more fresh and tend to display on point. Home decor ideas in the urban jungle style will create a natural oasis that is on point and will most likely be suitable for another interior. Although the urban jungle design is still uncommon, it is truly unique, as evidenced by the following exotc tropical plants:

Choose some tropical environmentally friendly plants


Choosing the right plants is an obvious way to transform the interior decoration into an urban jungle. Plants that require little care, such as pothos, monstera, bird of paradise, and spider plant, can be used. Such plants, particularly monstera, will thrive indoors. Because of the light lighting, but it can grow and prefers room temperature.

Plant shelves should not be overlooked 


It is essential to create decorative accents such as the placement of plants shelves that will look striking in order for the interior at home to look like a trus urban jungle. If you want to create a vertical look, use any model of plant rack. Choose a wall-mounted hanging plant rack like the one shown above.

Build a propagation station

Caring for plants that thrive in all rooms ensures that the treatment or propagation is done correctly. Create crop management propagation station to increase crop yield. Begin with easy-to-produce vines or plants like monstera, pothos, and philodendron.

Provide illumination


When deciding to create a space decoration based on the concept of urban jungle, you can brighten the room with lights or mirrors. Recheck the location of plants in the house; if it too dark, use the light as shown. Warm light creates the illusion of warmth and promotes plant growth.

Combine with some extras


Get the look of the urban jungle at home by combining plant accessories. Hanging plants, macrame hangers, and real succulent in small pots are the best. Some of these methods are also excellent for making all of your plants more decorative and stunning.

Remember to take care of your plants


The final step you can take at home in the urban jungle is to provide proper plant care. This method is certain to boost plant growth all year. Pay attention to lighting, watering, and fertilization on a regular basis. If you propagate plants indoors, change the water every two weeks to avoid algae and other bacteria.

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