7+ Indoor Plant That Don't Need Water


Homifine.com - Applying plants in the home can indeed provide many benefits. In addition if you like about dusty or maintain plants then there is no harm if you present the plants in the room. But it does take quite a lot of time and in caring for it is a little complicated. For it is important for you to know the characteristics and how to care for indoor plants. If you want to apply plants indoors then you can choose plants that require little water so you will have no difficulty in caring for them. So what kind of plants can be grown indoors with little water ? You can read to 7+ Indoor Plant That Don't Need Water below !!

1. Rubber Plant 


Rubber plant or Ficus Elastica is a plant that grows a lot in South Asia. This plant is a plant that has a fairly easy care so much in the application in the room. This plant is resistant to extreme environments including in conditions of lack of water. Plants that have the characteristics of large leaves with a large enough height so that they are usually placed in the corner of the living room to add a charming and attractive impression.

2. Cactus


This plant is indeed a desert plant so that it can survive in conditions of little water / minimal water. This plant has a variety of types in terms of color, shape and size so you can adjust to your room. This cactus can store water in its leaves which are usually covered by a layer of wax. It is used to reduce evaporation so that it can be for defense in less water conditions.

3. Snake Plant 


Snake plant has a characteristic long leaves with a yellow border and there are unique spots. This plant is one of the plants that can grow in a state of lack of water. Snake plants can grow indoors or outdoors because it can grow in a hot environment up to 38 degrees Celsius. So it is suitable to apply to indoor plants.

4. Begonia


Begonia flowers become the next plant that can grow with little water conditions. Begonia is widely believed to bring good luck to homeowners so it is usually used for indoor plants. This plant includes plants that are easy to care for so you do not need to water it every day. This plant has beautiful flowers with various types and colors that will certainly beautify your home.

5. Spider Plant


This spider plant or Chlorophytum Comosum has a unique characteristic with its curved leaves 10 to 15 cm long like spider legs with a green color with a little white. This plant includes plants that are easy to care for. You don't need to water it every day but you can simply make sure there is no puddle in the pot. This is because to prevent rotting plants.

6. Pothos Plant 

suno yuka

The pothos plant is characterized by its thick green and heart-shaped leaves with a slight yellow motif.  Pothos plants are usually hung or can also be placed in pots. The pothos plant is also creeping, as it grows constantly lengthwise. This plant is classified as a plant that is easy to care for.  How to care, best in exposure to indirect sunlight in a temperature of 21 to 32 degrees Celsius. However, pothos is still able to survive in a variety of environmental conditions.

7. Palm 


Plants that have a large enough size you can put in the room. Because it has a fairly easy care then this plant is suitable in place in the room. You can simply do watering for 3 days or you can make sure to moisture from the soil of this palm plant. You can put in a pot with a material that easily absorbs water so it does not cause rot.

8. Orchid


Orchid plants do have beautiful flowers so there is no harm if you apply this plant indoors. Orchid plants have characteristic green leaves with dangling stems and strong or sturdy roots. This plant does have easy maintenance with little need for water. So you can use plant media such as charcoal. You can also do rhyming once every 3 days.

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