Six of Stunning Houseplants that Have Red Leaves -- Plants with green color are of course a common sight to see. For those of you who prefer vibrant colors, the following plants with red leaves will be very interesting for you to have. Some types of house plants that you can have, check out Six of Stunning Houseplants that Have Red Leaves.




Although it doesn't have entirely red leaves, this plant is very popular for Christmas. The red leaf color is found on the young leaves with a perfect sharp color. Besides being able to make it as a room decoration, poinsettia is also widely used as a gift for loved ones.



Cordyline is one of the plants with a wide variety of colors including red. Unlike poinsettia, cordyline has a darker red color with light edges. They are widely planted in outdoor planters with easy and minimal maintenance.

Aglonema super red star


Aglonema has become a popular house plant due to its easy maintenance and attractive leaves. The leaves have a smooth and thick texture. Plant it in a well-drained pot so that it doesn't get waterlogged and cause damage.

Caladium red flash


Having a wide variety of varieties with stunning leaf colors, the red flash caladium is one of the varieties with beautiful red leaves in the center. The marginal leaves have a brownish-green coloration.

Nandina domestica


Besides Nandina, these plants are also known as heavenly bamboo because they grow upright like bamboo. The red leaf color will cover the planter perfectly and amaze anyone who sees it. This plant loves bright sunlight.



Although it does not have as sharp a red color as the others, this coleus has a beautiful purplish-red color and is much admired. What's interesting about this plant is that it's easy to maintain and can survive even with neglect.

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