7 Most Beautiful Houseplants You Never Knew About


Homifine.com - If you want to bring plants in the house then first you need to know the type of plant that will be planted. Both in terms of care, color type, and its usefulness. Plants have many benefits both for health and for room decoration. So there is no harm if you apply the plants to be placed in the House. If you want to grow some plants indoors then you can see the list of beautiful plants that you never knew about. So it can be a reference and inspiration for you. Here it is 7 Most Beautiful Houseplants You Never Knew About to attract the attraction and make the room look beautiful.

1. Nerve Plant 


This plant looks beautiful with its unique leaf appearance. Nerve plants have a characteristic green leaves with white stripes. This plant you can put in the room. You can simply take care of it by doing regular watering. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a balance so that the moisture from this nerve plant is maintained.

2. Croton 


Croton plants are the next plants that include beautiful plants. Croton plants are characterized by yellow, orange, red leaves with dark green stripes on the leaves. This plant also has leaves with a fairly dense growth so that it can present a stunning impression. The plant has a fairly easy care. You can put in direct sunlight not.

3. Calathea 

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Calathea is a plant that has a uniqueness in its leaves. Calathea has leaves with charming patterns and colors so it is suitable if placed indoors as an ornamental plant and beautify your home. You can put calathea in normal or warm room temperature so that calathea can grow lush and maximal. 

4. Silver Vase Plant 


Silver vase plants are the next plants that are beautiful. This plant has green and dangling leaves that have small thorns on the edges of the leaves and flowers. This beautiful plant you can place in a room with no bright lighting and also not exposed to direct sunlight. You should also keep the watering so that it is not too moist it can cause rot in the roots.

5. Red Aglonema


Aglonema is one of the popular plants so many apply this plant indoors. Aglonema has a characteristic dark green leaves with streaks of red and pink so that it can give the impression of a unique and adorable. This plant also has a fairly easy care, you just need to water it regularly and make cuts on its decayed leaves.

6. Adenium 

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Adenium plants that have beautiful flowers with a variety of shapes and colors is certainly very suitable if presented in your home. This plant belongs to the plants that can grow in a warm climate so you can also put outdoors with direct sunlight. But you should also pay attention to the moisture of the soil of this adenium plant.

7. Oxalis 

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Oxalis, which has leaves with a striking light purple color and with a butterfly-like shape, is a beautiful plant. Oxalis can grow with moderate to bright lighting. So it is suitable if placed outside or inside the room. You can do watering about every two days so that it will grow lush and healthy.

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