Best Creative of Stairs Garden to Dress Up Your Interior -- Plants are becoming one of the most popular decorations to beautify various areas including for home interiors. Having plants is known to provide better air quality in the room and can beautify the appearance of the house. One area that you can fill with plants is the stairs. Some ideas that you can replicate to create freshness in the stairs area, check out Best Creative of Stairs Garden to Dress Up Your Interior.

Add skylight roof

Plants basically have a section outside the house where there is enough light for them to grow well. When you have them in this staircase area, it would be highly recommended to use some part of the roof skylight to keep the plants looking fresh and not wilted and pale.

Garden under stairs

This homeowner wanted to keep a clean and tidy look for his minimalist staircase. However, to keep things fresh, the empty area under the stairs was filled with plants and made into a unique indoor garden. Don't forget to do some pruning to keep it neat and unobtrusive.

Neat moss ball

The growing medium used by the plant will be one of the things that attracts attention when you want to make it a room decoration. The use of moss ball or kokedama is a fresh choice for you. Place it in the area around the stairs stunningly. You don't need to water it often because kokedama usually has high humidity.

Creative placement

This unique way of placing plants on the stairs will make the room look more unique and interesting. The upper part of the stairs can be used to hang plants so that they appear eye-catching. When it is too long and lush, you can cut it to make it tidier.

Neat display plants on the shelf

The addition of shelves under the stairs is an idea that you can follow to create a garden that is neat and easy to organize. Place some plants that you can categorize by color, or care, or based on their growth. Make it smarter and more impressive.

Beautiful trailing plants and vines

The iron railing, which previously looked ordinary, will now attract the attention of anyone who sees it. Pots filled with trailing plants and vines can fill the void of the railing area and make it look fresher and livelier. Try it on your empty staircase.




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