7 Most Beautiful Types of Begonia Plant For Your Garden


Homifine.com - Beautiful begonias can make your garden look beautiful and attractive. There are many varieties of this begonia plant. So you need to choose the type that is suitable for planting in your garden. Because this can determine the appearance of your garden. If you are looking for a beautiful begonia plant type reference then you can read 7 Most Beautiful Types of Begonia Plant For Your Garden below !!

Begonia First Kiss


Begonia first kiss has a beautiful appearance with a pink color that seems to contrast with the stems and leaves are dark green.  This type of Begonia does look beautiful so it is usually often used for home gardens. Because it has a fairly easy maintenance then you do not need to do pruning, cutting regularly.

Begonia Escargot


This Begonia has a unique and beautiful appearance with leaves that are spiral in shape with dark olive green and silver. The leaves are covered with fine pink hairs that are more visible at the edges. For the stem also has a fluffy fluff of red color. This can help maintain moisture and provide insulation during cold temperatures.

Begonia Illumination Apricot 


This stunning Begonia displays striking flowers that are beautiful in a warm apricot shade. A distinctive feature of this type of begonia is its dangling stem, elongated leaves and yellow, white, orange, pink or red flowers. This plant can flower in summer as well as autumn. Plant ii can grow to a maximum height of between 4 to 20 inches.

   Begonia Splendia Alifra


Splendida alifra is another begonia with an interesting shape so it looks beautiful placed in a pot or hanging basket. The plant has flowers with a pink tint. It usually blooms from July to winter. This plant will look beautiful if placed in your garden which will add an interesting effect.

Begonia Adorata Alba 


Begonia adorata is a beautiful, showy plant that looks great in pots or hanging baskets. The plant has a characteristic dark green glossy color on its leaves. For the flowers are white and there are shades of red or pink. This plant you can plant in the spring when the first signs of growth appear from the bulbs.

White Giant Begonia 


Most begonias have a fairly upright shape. But for this begonia has an elegant look. This plant is characterized by its dark green leaves and flowers that are white like color flowers. This plant likes to be placed in full sun or shade so it is suitable if placed in your Home Garden.

Begonia Devils Delight 


Devil delight has a striking appearance with red and yellowish color of flowers. This Begonia you can place in your home garden so that it can make the look more beautiful and charming. You can also make this devil's delight begonia a border garden along your home.

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