7 Beautiful Purple Indoor Plants to Brighten Up a Living Space

7 Beautiful Purple Indoor Plants to Brighten Up a Living Space 

Homifine.com -- A bright space will be ideal for use as a relaxing area or whatever else. With purple plant decorations, this will really enhance the look of a bright space and is suitable for any room in the house. If you're still having trouble deciding what plants to put in the room, check out the purple plants listed below:



Tradescantia is a wonderful plant for hanging baskets with this dominant purple color. One of these varieties is tradescantia nanouk, which is suitable for inexperienced gardeners. The leaves are a beautiful purple color with silver and olive accents on top and a maroon red bottom. Fertile and grows well outdoors or indoors with partial lighting and watering only when the soil is dry.



Coleus is a plant that comes in a variety of shapes and colors, including purple leaves. Including purple leaves. This well-known, easy-to-produce plant will undoubtedly provide indoor brightness. Its brilliant leaves and add energy to a dull space, making it the best option tha tis easy to care for and neglect.

Rex Begonia 


This variegated variety with leaf colors and bold festive patterns is an option for the room. Rex begonia leaves this variety is very attractive in terms of color and shape. It grows well in shady, fertile soil and is ideal for growing indoors. Tolerant of climates similar to room temperature.

Purple passion


The amazing plant has a purple color mixed with fluffy green and fibers that are clearly visible on the edges of the leaves. Persian shield purple or purple passion is a small plant that grows erect and spreads like a vine. Suitable for hanging baskets as a space decoration or landscape complement.



Cordyline is a wonderful indoor or outdoor plant with purple leaves that can withstand direct sunlight. plants that will brighten the space are the best option. The plant has leaves that range in color form green to fuschia. It should be placed in a room with some sunlight.



Oxalis is an ornamental plant native to Brazil that has a purple color and resemble a butterfly. The flowers are lovely and look fantastic in a variety of arrangements. Deep purple leaves with elegant flowers are a great way to liven up the space. The plant is very attractive and requires relatively simple care, such as not overwatering and avoiding direct sunlight.

Waffle Plant 


This small ornamental plant with beautiful purple metallic leaves is simply stunning. The waffle plant is also known as red ivy. The plant is short and ideal for table and window sills in the home. It can also be used as a land cover because it is one of the most beautiful plants and prefers partial sun or shady areas.

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