How to Care for Amaryllis Easily as Houseplants -- Amaryllis is one of the popular flowering plants to fill the snow-covered winter. Other than poinsettias, amaryllis is also one of the epitome of winter holiday flowers. However, are you sure you can plant them well and grow them with stunning flowers? For those of you who want to have amaryllis, make sure you can take good care of them. Check out How to Care for Amaryllis Easily.

Pot and soil


To grow amaryllis properly, make sure you have a pot with the right size so that the bulbs can grow more freely. A well-drained, water-absorbent soil composition and a pot with enough drainage holes will be favored by this beautiful flowering plant.



Then for the watering, it should be noted that excessive watering will make the bulbs at risk of being damaged and make the plants grow poorly. Water when 1-2 inches of the soil surface has dried out. Moist soil with sufficient watering will be preferred but do not let it get soggy.



When you have amaryllis as house plants, it would be perfect for them to grow well if you place them in a bright area on a windowsill. Flowering plants will bloom more easily with enough sunlight and make their petals have a strong color.  Once the buds start to show their color, you can move from a bright area to a cooler one to preserve the flowers for a longer period of time.

Fertilizing and prunning


Once the amaryllis blooms, you can also plan for next year's blooms. When the blooms have faded in color, you can cut the stems to within 1 inch of the bulb. Then, water and apply liquid fertilizer regularly and they will start growing leaves which will then be followed by flower buds to welcome the next blooming season. You can also fertilize them to help them flower faster, but not too much and often as it will burn the leaves.






To overcome the presence of pests and diseases in this amaryllis, take care of its glossy leaves. Wipe the leaves once a few weeks to keep the plant free from mites and other pests that can attach to the leaves. If you neglect it, the amaryllis leaves can become infected and need to be pruned.

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