7 Unique Orchid Varieties : Different Types of Orchid (With Pictures)

 Homifine.com - Who of you loves orchid plants ? A plant that has beautiful flowers and easy care. Orchids belong to the Orchidaceae or orchid family. Orchid flowers are known as one of the ornamental plants that have various types. Where this flower can display beautiful colors as a symbol of love, luxury and beauty. At first this flower grows wild in tropical forests that have various types. For those of you who may want to start planting orchids, it would be good to understand the types of orchids and the characteristics of unique orchid plants below 7 Unique Orchid Varieties : Different Types of Orchid (With Pictures) 

Spider Orchid 


This flower of the genus Brassia has very long narrow petals that make the look look like a spider. These spider orchids can live naturally as epiphytes with few to many large flowers. The color of orchid flowers ranges from whitish to yellowish to light brown and on the petals dark brown spots can often be seen. The plant loves a dry environment with little watering.

Grass Pink Orchid 


This orchid is a plant that has narrow folded leaves and underground bulbs. This orchid can be found in Steppe swamps, savannahs, swamps and slopes of a terrestrial nature. These orchids can bloom and have pretty easy red-bright purple flowers with 10 or more flowers per tree.

Black Fiddle Orchid 


The Black Fiddle orchid has sepals and petals of a yellowish-green color with large greenish lips covered with black spots and Stripes. A series of flowers, keels and fringes give an interesting shape like a violin or harp that makes this orchid plant named the Black fiddle Orchid.There are usually 15 flowers on one plant and it has a strong honey smell.

Monkey Face Orchid 

The middle of this orchid flower has a shape like a monkey face facing down. The flower of this orchid plant has a long shape so it is beautiful if hanging. This orchid flower has thin, warty hairs with rounded lips that have a structure like a monkey's face. It has a reddish-brownish color with a long tail.

Christmas Orchid 

kimverlyn gyraldo

The Christmas orchid is a flower that grows naturally in the lowlands and cloud forests of Colombia. The combination of lavender, yellow and red seems to give a beautiful impression. This orchid flower plant can also produce 3 to 14 flowers on each flowering. This orchid flower plant prefers high humidity and loves bright light.

Scarlet Cattleya Orchid 

kimverlyn Gyraldo

Scarlet cattleya is a miniature orchid with large flowers, forming piling flowers where each becomes one at the base. One long-lasting dark red flower is formed from the base of each leaf. This flower if it blooms is brilliant orange red and sometimes yellow on the inner lip of the flower.

Blue Vanda Orchid 


Vanda orchids live naturally as epiphytes on exposed deciduous trees. This orchid plant loves watering. So you can do watering every day. This orchid plant has flowers with purplish blue color with large clusters and beautiful blooms. You can put this plant in a hanging way that is placed outdoors or indoors.

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