Best Creative Ideas to Make Unique DIY Flower Planters -- Planting flowers alone can be boring, so these ideas will help you find an interesting and unique look using a planter. Your flowers can catch the eye of anyone who sees them. For some ideas that you can replicate, check out Best Creative Ideas to Make Unique DIY Flower Planters.

Hanging petunia

If you have unused iron, make a round shape that resembles a wheel as seen in this picture. Or maybe you have a similar shape in your possession, use it to create an interesting look on your page. Make a hook to place the hanging flowers to make it more impressive.

Bicycle planters

You can turn a broken bike into something you never thought possible. You can place some baskets on the bike and fill them with flowers that you like. Before placing the flowers, you can repaint the bike so that it doesn't look worn out.

Use old boots

Do you collect damaged boots? Let's make it more attractive as a planter that you can arrange in your yard. You can paint it the color you want and put some holes in it so that water doesn't settle inside the shoe when you water the flowers. You can also easily change the flowers when you get bored.

Chair as planter

A damage chair is often a nuisance if not disposed of immediately. However, don't do that just yet. Check out this interesting idea of turning a damage chair into an awesome planter. You can fill it with lush flowers and no one will dare to sit on it.

Mini wheelbarrow

If you place this wheelbarrow around your flower garden, it will give the appearance that someone is harvesting your flowers and wants to take them away. But of course, this is just an interesting decoration that makes your garden look creative.




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