Tiny House Design in 8.4 x 3 Meters "Paddies Spanish Casa"

 Homifine.com - Small or tiny houses with good design and decoration make comfy the dweller. A tiny house that has 8.4 x 3 meter look perfect with bright hues. For more information, look at these Tiny House Design in 8.4 x 3 Meters "Paddies Spanish Casa". Check it out!

Front Exterior

The exterior of Paddies Spanish Casa looks stunning with an A-frame roof. The roof-exposed rafters and lounge underneath bring a really nice cozy element.

Outdoor laundry

The back or side area can use for the laundry area. Although it still belongs to the inside of the house, the laundry room is accessible from the outside at home.

Deck area

The outdoor deck can use for a terrace or porch area. Wood material and the environment growing with grass and garden make this tiny house a good atmosphere. Make the roof or deck area use wood or other which you find comfortable.

Home layout from the side

Let's explain the layout of this tiny house. First, after entering this house, you will find the living room area. This living room faces the kitchen, dining table, and stairs leading to the top floor. And behind the kitchen is a bathroom. For the top floor, just a bedroom. After climbing the stairs, you will encounter a bedroom divider.

Entering view

After entering this tiny house, you will be presented with a slick and neat house design. Ignore it for the living room, you will find the kitchen under the stairs, and the dining table near the kitchen. For the barrier on the top floors, there are houseplants that certainly make this tiny house look fresh and comfortable.

Tiny home plans

As previously explained, this tiny house has two floors. Which is the first floor has a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and laundry. And the second floor just has a comfortable bedroom.

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