Ideal Walkable Groundcover for Garden Paths

Ideal Walkable Groundcover for Garden Paths -- Road landscaped with concrete, cement, and natural rock can erode and be costly. You can replace it with a more natural-looking path made of ground cover between rocks. For outdoor use, use mat-forming plants that are easy to grow, low maintenance, and very resilient. The various varieties will also emit a soothing aroma.



Portulaca is also known as moss roses and grows well in the summer. This hardy plant blooms in a variety of colors and has needle-like green leaves that are drought tolerant. Annuals with maximum lighting are especially preferred by these perennial plants.



Ajuga, also known as bugleweed, grows only a few inches tall and is dark in color. This ground cover plant is simple to care for. The colorful leaves grow utp to 9 inches tall and prefer full light, partial shade, and well-drained soil. It is also well-liked for its ability to gradually overlay pages.



Thyme is a flowering and tenacious plant. You can enjoy its scent every time you pass by as a great ground cover for sunny spots on landscape. Non-culinary types, thyme decorates red, and fluffy thyme are the best variations.

Creeping Jenny


This coin-liked gold leaf plant, also known as a moneywort, is a low-growing plant with long, outward-spreading stems. Creeping Jenny grows among rocks that can withstand a little foot traffic. These plants also from walls that allow them to grow and float.



Mazus is the botanical name for the plant known as the cup flower. In late spring, the foliage is bright with orchid-like lavender highlights. 3 inches tall and can spread all over the ground, making it ideal for walkways with flower border edges. Compact and fast-growing plants that can withstand full sunlight.

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