How to Organize Plants Beautifully and Effectively -- Plants are a simple way to decorate a room. Plants will add to the beauty of any room, regardless of its style. You may have seen a plant arrangement with a maximalist style-- a space filled with lots of plants. However, if you prefer plants in a minimalist, elegant arrangement, this is the review for you.

Plants on the empty side

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Comfort is major factor when you organize your space with plants. Don't let the plants interfere with movable space or make your space more cramped. You can arrange the plants to occupy the empty sides like this. Place a money tree plant next to the sofa that still get bright, indirect light. Other plants can be arranged on stacking shelves, especially plants that prefer filter bright light.

Grow one on a moss pole

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You don't need a lot of plants to liven up your space. Try this idea. You can grow vine plants to grow tall on poles or moss poles that feature fresh green foliage. Even if it's just one plant, a healthy and bushy plant growing on a pole will make an attractive focal point int the room.

A potted plant in the foyer

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Some homes have a foyer or entrance hall for you to put your bags, hats, jackets, and shoe before entering the house. Make yourself feel welcome with plant decorations. You can put a snake plant in a pot right next to the wooden bench in the foyer. It's just one, but impactful enough to make a natural statement.

Liven up the space with dangling plants

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Dangling plants are an easy way to liven up your space with plants. Dangling and creeping leaves tend to grow bushy, giving a pleasant tropical look and vibe. You can arrange for them to grow well on floating shelves and become a contrasting decoration in your living space.

Dynamic vertical shelving

Display your favorite indoor plants on empty walls. Do it with style! Install shelves or thick trivets on the wall in a tiered arrangement like this. This corner still gets bright, indirect light, keeping the plants alive and well. Fill the floor with monstera plants growing in an elegant planter.

Simple vertical garden in the room

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You don't want your indoor plants to be trampled, right? Instead of putting more tables in the room, try to organize your indoor plants especially the small ones on floating wooden shelves like this one. It adds style and keeps your room spacious even with more plants.

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