Easy Care Guide for Beautiful Orchid

Homifine.com -- Before owning an orchid, it would be great if you took the time to know how to properly care for an orchid so that you are happy to have it because it grows healthy, and orchids can grow with stunning flowers. Caring for orchids does require a little attention that you need to know so you don't go wrong when caring for it. For some orchid care that you should know about, check out the Easy Care Guide for Beautiful Orchid.

Pot and soil


For the planting medium, orchids like healthy and good drainage. Orchids don't usually grow in the ground, so you need to know that. If you insist on planting the orchid in the ground, it will suffocate the roots and could kill it. Purchase an orchid mix at the store to keep the plants growing healthily.



Regarding lighting, orchids like sunlight to produce flowers that have sharp colors. However, bright indirect light does very well and it would be highly recommended to place it in bright indirect light such as on a windowsill. An east facing window will be highly favored by many plants including orchids.



Overwatering is one of the quickest causes for damaging orchids and even killing them, so you need to pay attention to the intensity of watering so you don't make a mistake. Water the orchid once a week and not more than that. While other plants can sink a few inches of soil, for orchids you can try lifting the pot. If it's heavy it means they still have a soggy pot.



If other plants are going to have problems with tied roots, then not so much for orchids. You can repot every 3 years to replace the compost with something healthier and new. If the roots are too big for the old pot, you can replace it with a bigger one.



Fertilization will help the plants grow with sufficient nutrition and faster flowering. Fertilize your orchids during the growing season in portions according to the directions. Stop fertilizing in winter.

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