Seven Water-Loving Plants that Thrive in Plenty of Water

Seven Water-Loving Plants that Thrive in Plenty of Water -- Overwatering the plant can cause wilting, root rot, and even death. Find out what plants can be planters in a planter that are easy to grow and require a lot of water. You no longer have to be concerned about plants receiving an excessive amount of water. Because the following types are water-loving and resistant, they can easily grown in water.



Coleus is a plant that is well-known for its beautiful leaf size, shape, and color. Plant it inside or on the terrace. The bright color of the leaves will brighten up the terrace. If you prefer water planting, cut the stems and place them in a jar. Wait for the roots to appear before transferring them to a soil-filled pot. This plant requires plenty of water and prefers direct sunlight.



This lovely and sometimes fragrant plant will brighten up your home and garden. This geranium thrives in containers and enjoys water. When brought into the house before the first fall, the plant lives a long time. This plant can be propagated by taking new cuttings from a 5-inch piece of stem. Fill a vase or jar halfway with clean water. 

Devil's ivy


Devil's ivy or golden pothos it's a lovely heart-shaped leaf vine. This plant is great for room shelves as decoration and sweetener because of the festive colors that dangle down. Water should be plentiful and beautiful for any garden or room.



Begonia thrive in semi-shady and shady areas on the terrace. There are numerous types of plants that thrive in this room, including rex begonia and tuberous begonia. With proper care, this water-loving plants thrives indoors. 

The leaves are waxy and come in a variety of colors including purple, red, white, and green. This begonia can also be grown in water by removing the stem and placing it in water.

Spider Plants


The spider plant is easily the most commonly cultivated indoor plant. This plant will produce saplings, which should be cut and placed in a vase of water. This spider plant is distinguished by its beautiful, curved leaves, If it is grown in a vase of water, make sure to change the water. It is also a good air purified and looks lovely in hanging baskets.

Lucky Bamboo


This lucky bamboo plant is a dracaena species. Requires little attention and is simple to maintain. Plant thrive in water and can be grown in a pot with pebbles or in a vase. The plant thrives in bright direct light.

Chinese Evergreen


This chinese evergreen requires minimals care and prefers partial to full shade. The best frequently neglect their plants. This Chinese evergreen comes in a variety of colors such as green, silver, yellow, red, and white. Best for bright rooms that don't get direct sunlight.

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