The Finest Flowers for a Jewel Garden -- Imagine having such a beautiful garden with special flowers in it. Even if you have a small garden, a flower as beautiful as jewel will elevate it. Yes, flowers will make your garden stand out. What exactly are some jewel-like flowers? They are not only rare flowers, but also flowers that you are likely to recognize. Here are the finest flowers for a jewel garden.

Amazing Dahlia x Hortensis


Dahlia x hortensis is a great choice to liven up a garden as beautiful as a jewel garden. With flowers that grow to about 100 cm in height, dahlias with stacked petal blooms will give you a striking display that steals the show. It blooms from summer to fall. The dahlias grow well in the 8-11 hardiness zone.

Dangling Fuchsia


Why not fuchsia flowers? A trailing plant with a cascading runner that features lantern-like flowers in a strikingly vivid purple color. The fuchsia flowers will look like dangling jewels in your garden. This lovely plant likes to grow in sun or partial shade with fertile, well-drained soil.

Lovely Tulips


Tulips are great for your jewel garden project. The beautiful flowers of tulips symbolize perfect and deep love. Having them as the main star will also create a love in the air feeling for your garden. Tulips flowers require about 6 hours of full light to grow and bloom at their finest.

Dazzling Red Zinnia


Zinnia is a garden flower that is easy to grow and maintain. Yes, it's a popular and mainstream flower, but its bright, zingy colors will brighten up your garden. You can also grow fiery red zinnias to provide a bold color contrast and attract pollinators.

Elegant White Lily


White lily is associated with purity and marriage. The beautiful white flowers growing from a slender stalk offer an elegant, jewel-like display in your garden. White lilies need a lot of sunlight. Plant in a location with full sun that receives six to eight hours of sunlight.

Bright Sunflower


Who doesn't know sunflowers? A type of flower that grows well in any location where there is light and sun heat. Sunflowers are an easy flower to grow as long as you provide direct sunlight, regular fertilizer during the growing season, and adequate watering. Sunflower will greet you with a cheerful morning hello.

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