Tips On How To Grow and Care for Succulents - Succulent is a beautiful plant with an exotic appearance. This plant is perfect to improve indoor or outdoor views. You can grow them in a pot and put them on a tabletop or hang them for a stunning collection. Here we have some information to share with you about Tips On How To Grow and Care for Succulents. Let's check it out!

Succulent also like water


Although most succulents store the water on their leave or stem, they still need water to survive. But, don't be watering them regularly or overwater them. It will kill them. To know when the time to water the succulent, see the leaves. If the leaves look shriveled and lackluster with no shine, it means the succulent is thirsty and needs water. And for overwatering signs, the stem or root rot, and mushy or yellowing leaves.

Don't provide too much sun


The abundance of succulent varieties necessarily has its own style for survival. And not all succulents can thrive in direct sun. Some can adapt to shade, some like the sun, some like blasting sun, and some can grow well in filtered light. But, they still need sun. If you grow them indoors, put them near the windowsill with sun access or other places with good conditions to reach the sun.

Get the right mix of soil and sand


It's a good way to mix the soil with sand. Because succulents don't like to sit their roots in wet soil. So, this combination will make good drainage and make the succulent grow well.

Don't backfill after planting


When planting succulents, you can dig a hole the size of the root ball and drop the succulent in. Don't backfill or tuck the soil back in around the roots. This way (leaving an air gap) can allow the soil slowly works way back in around the roots at the same growth rate as the plant.

Prune like other plants


To keep the variety of succulents from overpowering one another, you can prune them. Don't be reluctant to use this way, because it has some benefits. Like keeping the shapes, keeping another plant grow well, and more. If necessary, regularly remove any dry or dead leaves at the base and perimeter of the succulent.

Keep succulents well-fed


Succulent still needs fertilizer to thrive. They don't have extensive, deep root systems to seek out nutrient sources. And if this step is skipped, it will make succulents get yellow, stop growing, and lose their beautiful luster and foliage color.

Protect them from extreme temperatures


Even though most succulents can grow in a desert environment, they still can't live in extreme temperatures. And some succulents also tolerate below zero-cold.

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