The Six Finest Plants for Growing Deep Roots in Water -- Although many plants can propagate in water, not all plants can grow dense roots. Dense roots will make it easier to move them to pots because the plants will be stronger and easier to live. Some plants you can grow roots in water, check out The Six Finest Plants for Growing Deep Roots in Water.

Anthurium andraeanum


It turns out that it's not just propagating in water, anthurium can also be grown in containers filled with water with healthy roots. Since this is a flowering variety, some times a liquid fertilizer is needed to accelerate flowering and placing it in a bright area is the best choice.

Spider plant


Spider plant is a plant that has very easy care and growth even with various conditions. You can cut spiderettes from the mother plant and clean them before starting to plant them in water. A few weeks later, the roots will start to grow and become thicker every day.



When grown in water, Peperomia is a one-of-a-kind plant. Aside from heavily growing roots, little shoots grow brilliantly and astound anyone with their delightful growth. You can move them to a larger container to encourage their growth.

Monstera adansonii


Monstera adansonii, which is characterized by its unique hollow leaves, is one of the most popular varieties. To display its overall beauty, many people plant it in vases filled with water. Make sure you wash it clean from the ground before starting to change it to water.



Besides spider plants, pothos will be one of the easiest growing plants anywhere. Both in water and on land, bright and dim areas are not a serious problem for him. Even the roots grow better when they are in a jar of water.

Alocasia cucullata


When grown in water in a transparent vase, the elegant aspect of this alocasia species will be increasingly viewed as a charming adornment. Anyone's attention will be drawn to the dense roots. Place it in a location with indirect lighting. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight because it will degrade the state of the water in the container.

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