6 Suitable Flower Plants Indoor For The Apartment


Homifine.com - Beautiful flower plants in plants in pots you can place indoors or outdoors. With various types of flower plants in pots you can use to beautify your apartment. Plants in this pot you can place on the balcony or indoors near the window. Care of this plant is not difficult so you can apply this plant in your apartment. Well, here are various 6 Suitable Flower Plants Indoor For The Apartment



Bromelia is a plant that is still one family with pineapple. The characteristic of this bromelia has colorful and showy flowers. The color variations of this plant are as diverse as red, pink, yellow and white. This plant can give your apartment an exotic touch and can bring a tropical feel and a sunny climate.

Peace Lily 


Peace lily is a flower that has characteristics in its unique white flowers and green leaves with a fairly large shape. The meaning contained in the peace lily plant has a different meaning and symbolism in each situation. It is most often a sign of peace, innocence, purity, healing, hope, and prosperity. So you can put it in your apartment.



Croton, pudding or Croton (Codiaeum variegatum) is a popular ornamental garden plant in the form of a shrub with a very varied leaf shape and color. This plant is a type of shrub that has a varied leaf shape and color. Starting from green, yellow, orange, red, to purple.This croton plant has many benefits such as being able to overcome colds, flu, skin diseases, and diarrhea.



Orchid flowers are often used as home decorations because it has beauty in its beautiful flowers. In addition, this plant also has flowers with various colors. Ranging from yellow, white, purple, black etc. Care of orchids is quite easy you just need to pay attention to the needs of light, temperature and humidity of this plant.

Dahlia Flower


This Dahlia is categorized as a beautiful plant. The color of the flowers is so bright with a predominance of red to purple makes this plant much liked by many people. Dahlias are relatively hardy plants if planted in the right lighting, heat, and soil. Dahlia flowers are suitable if placed in an apartment that will make it beautiful. You only need to water it once or twice a week.



Anthurium is a plant that loves warm temperatures and high humidity. Place the plant in a place that can get bright sunlight indirectly but still warm. Anthurium will grow well when the soil is not too wet. For best results, water the anthurium once a week.

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