6 Garden Bed Ideas For Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces


7 Garden Bed Ideas For Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces 

Homifine.com - Having your own garden at home will give you many advantages. One of them is to reduce expenses to buy a variety of vegetables and other kitchen needs that can be grown in the Home Garden. It doesn't hurt to try from now on, you can start from easy plants such as peppers, celery, leeks, radishes, tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, carrots, or lettuce. Come on, check out some vegetable garden design inspirations that you can apply in your home.

Vegetable garden on the balcony

Your house does not have a yard and the inside of the house is also too full of all the furniture? Do not let this make the vegetable garden disappear from the House. Just try to apply a hanging vegetable garden that can save your movement space in the House. Place it in the kitchen area to make it easier for you when you want to use it. Do not forget to pay attention to the holding rope so that the pot does not fall injuring the residents of the House.

Terraced vegetable garden

Terracing is usually found in mountainous areas. One of the functions of terracing is to prevent landslides. But in the following vegetable garden inspiration, the terrace can be a decorative element. This multilevel model can be an interesting sight. By using this model your vegetable garden will look neat and attractive.

Vegetable Garden in the Pot 

For small-sized kitchen spice plants, you may find it difficult to care for them every day if they are separated into several pots. Instead, try using a large pot and planting the herbs next to each other. As in the vegetable garden above, which plants tomatoes that are applied to pots that add wood as a place to creep.

If you are lazy to garden with a standing system then you can make a vegetable garden that is placed below. The vegetable garden placed in front of this fence will also add to your home decor. You can apply greenery such as lettuce, mustard greens, etc. You can use ledges with bricks so that they are neater and do not make the ground slide.

Vertical vegetable garden outdoors

There is nothing wrong if you want to grow many vegetables at once on one land. It's just that you need to pay attention to the size of the pot so that it doesn't fill the entire backyard. For vegetables that are easy to care for such as lettuce, mustard, etc use a small pot and hang it on the top Wall so you don't have trouble when you want to take it.

Multi functional mini vegetable garden

One more vegetable garden idea for those of you who are facing limited land. You can make a special box of wood to grow vegetables with an empty bottom. You can use this bottom as a storage place for cleaning tools or even a bed for your pet.

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