Cozy Minimalist Interior with Fine Wood and Brick Accents -- It is better if it has an interior with a specific theme of arrangement. Such an interior will provide greater comfort to the owner than one that is simply arranged. Minimalist styling with a Boho twist is very popular these days. Featuring interiors that are not too big but have a cozy feel into it.

For you, here's a Cozy Minimalist Interior with Fine Wood and Brick Accents.

Well-designed open space


Create a living space that feels spacious by knocking down the solid walls between the kitchen, dining area, and living room. It will create a spacious space and  allow interior to take place without any barriers. White walls and wooden floors create a bright, natural atmosphere in this open-space.

A green sofa and fine wood furniture

The white color scheme and wooden floor are a classic combination. You can take it up a notch with the choice of a sofa in the living room. Use a comfy sofa in the sapphire-green like this one to add a splash of contrasting color. Add a fine-wood coffee table that perfectly complements this simple living room design.

Play with texture and pattern on fine wood furniture


Even if it's in a minimalist setting, don't let it look boring. You can play up the pattern and texture elements in the room. It's as simple as choosing fine wood furniture such as rattan chairs, rattan lampshades, and even a rattan placemat that bring natural rough texture into the room. It will create a space that feels dynamic.

Impactful brick accents

This living space is so well-designed. One of them is by adding a noticeable wall in exposed-brick finish like this. This wall or pillar adds a rough style to the interior. It might be a little tricky to realize but it is so impactful.

Unique pendant lights


The interior is perfect from floor to top. The vertical section is well-highlighted by installing pendant lights that have a rustic-style hood in woven rattan. A shade like this allows the lamp to give a warm and unique perforated light effect.

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