7 Best Hanging Succulent and Cacti (With Pictures)

 Homifine.com - Succulent and cacti never die. They can beautify your indoors or outdoors with their appearance. And many kinds of succulents and cacti that can grow at home. Look at these reviews about 7 Best Hanging Succulent and Cacti (With Pictures). Check it out!

Hang on the wall with various planters


The wall is the perfect place to hang the succulents and cacti. Be it for a small house or a large house, you can try this way for an efficient and simple design. Make the planter of hanging succulents and cacti in the right measure and match it with the plant for stunning hanging plants.

Trailing as a natural curtain


There are succulents or cacti that can grow climbing in long sizes. You can try to make curtains with these succulents or cacti vines for the natural curtain. Place them near the windowsill or the space area according to your preferences.

Cotyledon pendens


Native to South Africa, Cotyledon pendens just need little maintenance. This succulent blooms beautiful flowers with bell shapes that pop out at the end of Cotyledon pendens trailing branches. You can grow this succulent in a hanging basket for stunning decoration at home.

Monadenium guentheri


Monadenium guentheri can be called Sausage Spurge because of its appearance. Origin to Kenya, this succulent and cacti is part of a stout perennial with long cylindrical stems that carry prominent spine-tipped patterned tubercles and fleshy sickle-shaped deciduous leaves.

Graptopetalum 'California Sunset'


Graptopetalum 'California Sunset' has beautiful reddish-colored rosette shapes that make stunning home and garden decorations. The leaves are thick and they also can grow well in full sun to partial shade. To be known, this succulent is nontoxic for humans and animals.

Euphorbia 'Peanut Cactus'


Look like a monkey's tail, these cacti are perfect for hanging houseplants at home and garden. This mat-forming species has green, peanut-shaped stems and offsets. Stems are ribbed and lined with short, white bristles.

Donkey tail or Burro's tail


Member of Crassulaceae, Burro's tail or Donkey's tail can grow plump with rounded foliage along long. And the pendulous strands, which look like an animal's tail. The foliage of this succulent look bluish-gray and tightly clustered along its stems.

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