Modern Boho-Scandi Decor that Interesting to Copy -- Applying the boho-scandi modern style is popular on social media for its calming look and warmer feel to the home. If you want to decorate in this style, check out these interesting ideas on Modern Boho-Scandi Decor that Interesting to Copy.

Living room

For the first area of the interior of this house is the living room. The simple design still looks not boring with the details used. In addition to the sofa, a shelf filled with decorations can make the room look attractive but still neat. For a refreshing touch, place a large plant near the large window in the living room.

Dining room

Although the dining room is actually small, it still looks spacious due to the open space interior of the house. This dining table has natural-looking furniture using wood and rattan. In addition, there is a chandelier that has a unique industrial-style design.


The kitchen design is cleverly crafted so that even though it is not spacious, it will not feel stuffy and dark. The white and wooden kitchen has a large window that helps air and light circulate better. As for other additions, there is a display rack so that the jars are more neat and easy to find.

Bathroom design

Moving on to the bathroom, the interior arrangement makes it look more organized and functional. The booth will make the bathroom more hygienic and less muddy. In addition to the bathroom cubicle, there is also a sink and bathtub that can be enjoyed more comfortably for the owner.

Functional terrace

Rather than leaving it empty, the owner transformed the terrace into a functional space for comfortable lounging with cushioned seats. Decorative touches can also be seen on the walls and string lights. In addition, to prevent the sun from getting too hot, there are curtains in this area.




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