7 Easy Plant Not to Kill

Homifine.com -- If you feel that the plants you care at home often die, maybe it's not entirely your fault. It's possible that you choose plants that require slightly more complicated care than other plants. If you feel you don't have a green thumb, you can choose from these 7 easy plants not to kill, which we will discuss below. This plant is not only easy to care for but, it will also refresh your living space.

1. Kalanchoe


Kalanchoe is one of the succulents that survives well with neglect by forgetful plant owner. This plant has thick leaves that don't need a lot of water to survive. Some kalanchoes produce pretty flowers, which make them perfect sunny window decorations. You only need to water when the soil feels dry to the touch.

2. Bromeliad

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Bromeliads will give a tropical feel to your home. Bromeliads are loved for their deep red flowers, which require warm conditions to bloom. You can take care of it at home; this plant doesn't really like wet soil, which makes the table in an interior setting not muddy.

3. Parlor palm

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Parlor palm is probably the plant that you see most often in every interior setting. This plant is loved for its care that is not fussy in the house. The long, slender leaves bring an elegantly fresh look to any home. Keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent the green leaves from scorching up.

4. Snake plant

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Of all the popular plants, the snake plant is the most people's choice for a plant that doesn't die easily. This hardy plant survives weeks of neglect. You can water it infrequently about once in two weeks or when the the top soil starts to dry. The snake plant also survives well even in low-light conditions.

5. Hoya

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Get plants that grow beautifully hanging or dangling at home. You can pick hoya , the wax plant. Despite having beautiful flowers, hoya is not a weak plant. This plant will grow well in a place with bright, filtered light without direct sunlight. Watering can also be done when the soil dries out completely during watering.

6. ZZ plant


ZZ plant is one of the hardy plants that can purify the air. This plant is easy for you yo care, even in a dark spot. With thick foliage, the ZZ plant is quite drought-tolerant. It's just that this plant is quite toxic, keep it away from pets and children. Wipe the green leaves from the dust to prevent the photosynthesis process from being disturbed.

7. Monstera Deliciousa


Monstera deliciosa has unique leaves with naturally formed splits and cutouts. Although unique and beautiful, this plant is not very difficult to grow. You only need to provide bright, indirect light with medium watering. Even if you sometimes forget to water it, this plant will not die immediately. Just give it water and it will be fresh again.

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