Gorgeous Small Living Room Ideas for Stylish Interior

Homifine.com -- The living room is one of the most crucial parts of the home interior. Having a comfortable living room will of course impress anyone and give a positive impression to the house. No matter what the size, you can have the perfect living room. For some small living room ideas that you can emulate, check out Gorgeous Small Living Room Ideas for Stylish Interiors.

Open space living room

For the first living room idea, this shows the sweet appearance of a small living room that looks spacious using an open space concept that has no partitions between the rooms. The living room also looks fresher and less stuffy. You can imitate it if you have a small house but want a room that looks spacious.

Simple but smart

This next living room inspiration is very interesting for your apartment which has a narrow space. Use an elongated sofa so that it still leaves a large space around it. If you choose a sofa with soft and plain colors, give a touch of decoration with more stunning colors so that the living room doesn't look boring.

Minimalist style

The minimalist style is indeed endless to follow. Especially for a small living room design. The use of furniture with simple models and plain color choices will be very harmonious if combined with a neat arrangement. Like this one living room idea, you can add lighting that gives a warm and elegant look to the room.

Bohemian decor

Another style that you can attractively follow for your living room is bohemian. Beautiful touches will make guests feel more relaxed and provide a homey atmosphere. Use natural colors like brown, green, gray, and some other bohemian colors that you like. For decoration, woven bamboo and rattan, or macrame on the walls are the right choice.

Add plants for shady room

The last idea that you can apply to the living room to make it look attractive is to add plants to the windows so they can work as if they were curtains that make the living room more shady and fresh. It will be perfect for owners who love plants as well as their maintenance.

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