7 Non-Toxic Plants for Dogs and Cats

7 Non-Toxic Plants for Dogs and Cats

Homifine.com -- Aside from providing a lush impression and a more refreshing atmosphere in the room, some ornamental plants can be toxic to pets. Fortunately, this review will share 7 non-toxic plants for pets such as dogs and cats.

Lipstick plants


This one-of-a-kind plant with lipstick tube-like flowers hails from the tropics, where it thrives in direct sunlight. Non-toxic to pets that prefer consistently moist soil and can grow to be 20 inches tall.



This tropical plant, which can be grown indoors and outdoors, is safe for pets. The type and sizes of these plants vary. The majority prefer direct light, evenly moist soil, and high humidity.

Pola dot plants


As a festive centerpiece, this polka dot plant can add a splash of color to the room. Its various colors and height of up to 3 feet make it suitable for pets. Place it in a bright area with good indirect light and keep the soil moist.

Aluminum plant


This pilea genus has variegated gray leaves mixed with green. Pet-friendly and non-toxic, it grows well in medium to low light. When the soil is dry, it requires little water and can tolerate low light levels.

Plants of friendship


Friendship plants, or those commonly associated with aluminum plants, are easy to care for. Ti can tolerate moderate to low light, enjoys moisture, and can grow to be 12 inches tall or even taller. It is also non-toxic to pets, making it suitable as a celebration gift.

African Violets


African violets have non-toxic green leaves and beautiful flowers. Without direct sunlight, the plant has stunning colors such as pink and lush purple. This plant requires watering and proper lighting to keep the soil moist.

Air plant


Tillandsia it develops into an ornamental plant that is pet-friendly, easy to care for, and does not require soil media for cultivation. These plants will remain 12 inches tall and thrive in bright indirect light.

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