Cool Decor Ideas to Dress Up A Small House -- Having a small house sometimes makes owners feel pessimistic because they feel less free to do activities. To make each room more lively, you as the owner can decorate it well even though your room is not so spacious. By using decorations, the room will feel more alive and make you forget about its small size. For some ideas that you can replicate, check out Cool Decor Ideas to Dress Up A Small House.

Living room

This first area is the living room. The choice of natural colors with an earth-tone look makes a more soothing impression. The small sofa is placed in the corner of the room and makes the remaining space spacious as access to other rooms. For a touch of decoration, there are frames neatly arranged on the wall display rack.

Dining area

For the next area, there is a dining room located adjacent to the living room. This small area still looks like it has a large remaining space by using furniture that has a minimalist design. The dried plants in the vase and the woven rattan chandelier are the decorations that make the look warmer.

Half wall partition

Before moving on to the kitchen, let's take a look at this interesting section. This area is behind the living room and has a small bar counter that can also be used as a partition. The addition of an industrial-style chandelier combined with neatly arranged fresh plants is the main decoration in this area.

Small kitchen

Well, now we are in the kitchenette that this house has. The minimalist kitchen set with a combination of black and white colors makes the look more elegant and neat. The kitchen is indeed perfect to be decorated with plants because it can help refresh the musty aroma while cooking.

Small balcony

It is still part of the house that there is a small balcony that has a soft look. To give it a decorative touch, there is a display shelf filled with plants and some other decorations that are neatly organized.





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