Tiny Breathtaking Succulents for Tabletop Decor

Homifine.com -- Succulents are a type of plant that's undeniably attractive. There are large succulents with a majestic and exotic look, but there are also small succulents with an equally stunning look. This time, we have a look at some adorable tiny succulents in various colors and shapes. These succulent have gorgeous colors that will pique your guest's interest when they see them. These are tiny, breathtaking succulents for tabletop decor.

Kalanchoe luciae


Kalanchoe luciae is a wonderful evergreen succulent. This plant is often called the paddle plant for its thick, round leaves that resemble the shape of a paddle. Kalanchoe luciae is a dramatic succulent plant for its gray bloom-covered leaves, with foliage edged that take on an extraordinary dark wine color during the winter months and if it gets bright light.

Callisia navucularis


The Callisia navicularis (chain plant) is an easy-to-grow succulent plant for beginner to advanced gardeners. You can grow it as a vine or in a small pot like this one. This plant will grow vigorously with enough sunlight. Its unique foliage will stay green all year and will bloom beautiful flowers in lavender color in summer, giving it a breathtaking pink-green color scheme.




Lithops look like colorful coral stones, but they are living stones. Lithops are desert succulent that are very heat-tolerant and long-lived (living up to 50 years in their natural habitat).

Lithops will be a unique plant to fill your tabletop decor with. It is stemless, with thick leaves that almost like a stone. In autumn and early winter, lithops will produce daisy-like flowers.



Greenovia is a plant species that is still classified as Crassulaceae. With its rosette-shaped leaves and squat body, this plant is truly one-of-a-kind. You might find its leaves in grayish-green color, but this variety has a rose tinge on the edges of its leaves, earning it the tile of rose succulent. Greenovia's leafy stems will bear bright yellow flowers.

Crassula umbella


The crassula umbella has a unique and impressive shape that arouses the curiosity of your guests. This succulent is known as a wine cup plant because of its fringed, cup-shaped leaves that surround a stem. Crasulla umbella has thin, red flowers that stand out in the center. It dislikes overwatering as a succulent; water only the top soil is dry.

Baby toes succulents


A cute succulent with small, thick leaves that form clumps, reminding you of baby toes. Its scientific name is Fenestraria Rhopalophylla. It thrives both indoors and outdoors. Water when the soil feels dry to touch and place it in a sunny window with plenty of bright, indirect light. Good care will produce adorable flowers.

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