Easy Ways to Care for Desert Rose Plants


Homifine.com - The Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) is a slow-growing plant, growing only about 12 inches per year. Desert Roses are often used as bonsai plants thanks to their thick, succulent stems, thin, delicate leaves, and beautiful pink trumpet flowers. Desert rose plants you can place as indoor or outdoor plants. So how to care for this desert rose plant ? For more detail Easy Ways to Care for Desert Rose Plants you can see below !!

Desert Rose Plant Care

Caring for desert rose plants is simple, but requires finesse. Similar to other succulent plants, it needs careful water management and plenty of sun. The plant also prefers consistently warm temperatures, which is why it is grown as an indoor plant and usually as an indoor plant.

1. Lighting

Desert Roses thrive in full sun environments. Choose a place in your home so that this plant receives a lot of light throughout the day, such as on the windowsill or on the terrace of the House. You can also put them outdoors, the best place to plant Desert Roses is where they are not shaded by taller plants.

2. Land 

This Desert Rose can grow by adjusting to naturally dry conditions such as deserts, which means Sandy or gravelly soil that drains well. The soil of these desert roses should normally have a neutral to acidic pH that should ideally be around 6.0.

3. Water 

This desert rose plant has water requirements that vary depending on the time of year and the temperature at the time. Check the soil periodically and allow it to dry completely before watering. Also, plant your desert roses in containers that have plenty of drainage holes. Desert roses can be prone to rotting if they become too moist (clay pots can also help remove excess moisture).

4. Fertilizer

For fertilizer, you can add it periodically, this will increase the potential for more flowers. You can fertilize desert roses with a liquid type of fertilizer or half diluted. You can give this liquid fertilizer once a month during the period of its active growth.

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