Lively Tiny Home with Comfy Interior Ideas -- Are you planning or thinking about living in a tiny container house? Here we present a great example of how to design and styling a 40-feet upcycled one in  this article. This tiny container house features a relaxing and fresh outdoor space, as well as a simple interior that makes resting in it so comfortable. This is a lively tiny home with comfy interior ideas.

Black and wood is a classic

Black is a classic and fashionable color for a tiny-container house. This color works well on exterior walls. The combination of black and wooden elements creates an exterior that is cool, natural, and inviting. Black and wood are another soothing color combination, especially for tiny houses in suburban areas.

Welcoming front porch

When choosing a tiny house design, make sure it has a front porch or veranda. The porch will be a great place to sit and relax together while enjoying the outdoors. The larger the porch the better; it allows you to bring in bistro sets or casual seating to enjoy an afternoon snack.

Sleek interior arrangement

The interior of a tiny house doesn't have to be difficult to organize. You can keep it as simple as possible as long as it contains necessary furniture and on-point decorations to liven up the room. The living area is near the kitchen and dining area. Arranging an open-space without a partition creates the illusion of a larger, brighter space.

Important additional features

The living room, with it earthy tone sofa and lovely wooden coffee table is right after the main door. It may not be private enough, or there may be too much brightness of natural light, so it's a good idea to install rustic blind as shown. This shared space also features a TV mounted on the wall serves as a home entertainment feature.

Cozy, tiny bedroom ideas

The bedroom is the most important place to recharge our energy and mood. It has a cozy bed with warm-looking white bedsheet. The bedroom also has a cabinet to place items and decorations vertically. There is still enough space to put indoor vines to dangle beautifully on the top shelf near the ceiling.

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