Very Easy : How To Plant, Grow and Care Dahlia Flower - Dahlia is a flower plant that is easy to grow and bloom in a short time. This is because dahlia flowers are included in adaptive flower plants, which are flowers that can adapt to circumstances and the environment quickly. If you have never had the experience of planting dahlias, then you can try to plant dahlias with easy care. For more detail Very Easy : How To Plant, Grow and Care Dahlias Flower you can see below !!

How to Plant and Grow Dahlia Flower 

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1. Prepare the pot and enter the seedling medium consisting of soil, humus and fertilizer in a ratio of 1:1:1.

2. Sprinkle dahlia seeds evenly over the seedling media and then cover the seeds using soil.

3. Make sure the soil is moist, avoid watering the seedlings too much until the soil becomes flooded with water. Dahlia seedlings will rot and can not grow if the soil is too wet.

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4. When it rains heavily, move the pot to a place that is not exposed to water so that dahlia seedlings are not exposed to rain and become rotted.

5. Take care of the flower seedlings until they grow and have leaves. Transfer the flower that has begun to grow to a new growing medium in the form of a mixture of manure and husk in a ratio of 1:6.

How to Care for Dahlia Flowers

1. Watering Process


Dahlia flowers need soil in moist conditions. Soil that is too wet will make the flower become rotten and can not grow back. You have to adjust the rhythm with the number of leaves in the dahlia flower. The more leaves you have, the more water you will need.

2. Flower Fertilization

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When dahlias are still buds, you do not need to bother to fertilize. After the flower grows and starts to grow, you can apply fertilizer every 10 days. Avoid giving too much fertilizer because it will cause the soil to heat up and make the flowers dry out.

3. Thinning 

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Tips for caring for dahlia flowers next is to do thinning. This technique needs to be done when dahlia flowers have grown large and have a large number of leaves. You have to separate the dahlia flowers from other plants that are next to them, using this way the dahlia flowers will get enough nutrients.

4. Weed Removal

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In order for dahlia flowers to avoid diseases, you need to do weed cleaning. This process is done by cleaning around the flower from disturbing plants such as weeds and other wild plants. Other plants will take nutrients contained in the soil and can interfere with the growth of dahlias.

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