How to Grow and Care Clematis Flower Easily - This type of vines is much liked by many people. Including clematis vines that have brightly colored flowers and an alluring aroma to be one that makes it popular. This plant has a variety of types there that can grow into bushes, and the most popular are clematis that grow vertically. How do you grow and care for them ? For more detail How to Grow and Care Clematis Flower Easily you can see below !!

How to Grow Clematis to Thrive

Clematis can not only grow in pots or containers but these plants can also be directly planted in the ground. You can use fertile soil types because with good water absorption and drainage will make this plant can grow abundantly.

Clematis can also keep their root system cool so you can plant the seedling a little deeper into the ground to be able to protect the crown of the plant for extra insulation. This plant is also widely called the "sun lover" because clematis needs at least 6 hours of sun exposure every day.

How to Care and Prune Clematis

Caring for clematis is quite easy. In terms of watering, these clematis plants love moisture but do not allow them to soak. Vines do love fertilization. So, feed clematis every two to three times per year with organic fertilizers designed for flowering plants.

Although it has a fairly easy care but you have to pay attention to pruning which is quite troublesome. some clematis species such as the 'Montana' group and the 'Alpina' variety, which prefer to bloom on old wood and in early spring. For this type, pruning should only be done by removing dead or damaged stems, and can be done at any time.

Meanwhile, other types, such as' Bee's Jubilee' and 'Nelly Moser ' will flower in late spring, either on old or new wood. "The general rule of thumb for this breed is to do a light pruning in late winter or early spring, when it sees the buds start to swell," he says. It adds that we should cut just above the bud for best results. 

There is also a third type, such as 'Jackmanii' and 'Viticella' that bloom on new wood in summer or autumn. Cutting this type is easiest because the plant is almost in the ground and can grow all year round.

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